8 household items you didn’t know you could recycle

Posted on 6 September 2022

Thanks to the entire country’s increased focus on sustainability, and the growth in recycling rates you’ll no doubt already know about the most common materials that can be recycled easily, including paper, cardboard, tin cans, plastic bottles, etc

You’ll more than likely have a few of these items lying around your house, so when it comes time to have your annual clearout, make sure that you aren’t just throwing these valuable materials away!


Recycle Batteries

As recently as a few years ago, batteries were one of the items that could not be recycled. However, batteries have had a major impact on the environment in the past and so finding a reliable way of recycling them was extremely important to limit the environmental damage that they created. The big problem is that it’s difficult to curb or diminish our use of batteries as so many of our daily appliances still need to use them. There are gadgets which There has  There are now specific locations that will happily accept your used batteries and recycle them.


VHS Tapes

Anybody who was born before the year 2000 will have old VHS tapes still hanging around somewhere, even though they’ve got nothing to watch them on. Throwing them out might seem like the best idea, but VHS tapes can actually be recycled. Once they’ve been dismantled, they can end up enjoying a new life as packaging for a range of products.


Every year, hundreds of thousands of inhalers are thrown away after they become useless. Instead, you should pass them on to your local pharmacy, as they can easily be recycled as well!


Corks are extremely useful for a range of things. Once they’ve been recycled, they can be used in flooring tiles, insulation and even sports equipment for schools and gyms.


It might seem like we’re taking recycling a bit too far, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be recycling bits of broken crayon. If you can’t find a use for them yourself, they can always be melted down and used to create brand new crayons.


Surprisingly, tights can easily be recycled and be used in everything from park benches to children’s toys.

Cosmetic Packaging

In the past, some people have thought that cosmetic packaging could not be recycled due to traces of cosmetic products that can be found on them. However, many beauty businesses are so intent on recycling these products that they will often offer a free sample when you return enough packaging for them to effectively recycle.


Spectacles and eye-glasses that you no longer want, but which are still usable, can be recycled to help people with sight problems all over the world. By returning these to your opticians, they can easily send them to the developing countries where they are most needed. Sunglasses, too, can be of a great benefit to people living in sunny, hot and dry countries, and can work as a great means of protection from the damage caused by the intense sunlight.

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