When to change your mattress and how to dispose of it

Posted on 1 September 2022

Sleep is one of the most important things that we need to stay healthy. Our bodies use this time heal, rejuvenate, process and rest. To ensure we get a good night’s sleep we need to ensure our mattress is in good order and can give us the best rest possible. So when do we need to change our mattress?


When to change your mattress and how to dispose of it


When should I change my mattress?

Most people suggest changing the mattress between 6-8 years but there are some other factors you can consider when contemplating changing your mattress.

  • You don’t get a good night’s sleep
  • The mattress is sagging or damaged
  • The mattress springs make more noise more often
  • You sleep better at hotels or friends homes
  • You regularly wake up with muscle or joint stiffness

How can  I make my mattress last longer?

There are a few tricks to extending your mattress life.

  • Use a mattress protector
  • Keep the mattress supported
  • Stop the kids from bouncing on the bed
  • Avoid eating in bed
  • Rotate and flip your mattress regularly
  • Vacuum the mattress
  • Deoderise and sanitise

A lot of  people assume you can put a mattress in a skip, but most skip hire companies prohibit this or will charge extra for the privilege. Because of this,  many people dump their mattresses illegally. Mattresses are the one of most common items to be fly tipped. When you are ready to get rid of your mattress here are a few sustainable ways for you to do this.

Sustainable ways to dispose of your mattress

Sell your mattress.

If it is still in a reasonable condition you could  sell it on a online market place such as ebay or facebook. One persons junk is another persons treasure.

Take back scheme.

Some shops offer a take back scheme for their products so it’s always worth checking if your new retailer will take your old sofa away.

Donate to charity.

There are many charities that are willing to accept unwanted mattresses. Check your local British Heart Foundation    as they could potential collect your mattress from you with their book a collection service.

Waste Collection.

If you are struggling to dispose of your mattress in the ways mentioned you could book a ‘Man and Van’ or waste collection service with WasteOnline.Our rubbish removal is perfect for lightweight bulky waste.  so you get the option of adding a mattress to the load.

We can also collect the following hard to dispose of items

  • Under-counter fridges
  • TV’s and Monitors
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Tyres

All our waste collections are provided using local suppliers who will collect your waste and take it to the nearest recycling centre. All our suppliers are pre-approved and fully compliant with all relevant environmental legislation.

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