10 things you should know before you hire a skip

Posted on 13 September 2022

You may feel you are ready to hire a skip but there are some questions you should ask yourself first and some things you should be aware of that people seem to keep to themselves. e.g have you ever worked in yards? What’s a 4 yard skip and how much can it hold? Why would I need a skip permit and how much does one cost?

What can I put in a skip?

It’s easier to ask the question the other way around, ‘what can I not put in a skip’. The list below outlines many of the times that are prohibited from putting in a skip.

Medicinal waste including syringes and bio-hazard products
Electrical appliances and equipment
Paint cans/paint
Fridges, freezers and air con unit
Gas cannisters and gas bottles
Oil, petrol and diesel
Hazardous and toxic materials
Fluorescent tubes

It’s very important that these items are not added to your skip as you could end up paying a hefty fee. If your skip is accessible to the public make sure that non of your neighbours (or strangers) add these types of items to your skip as whatever is in the skip when it is picked up will be your responsibility.

For a more detailed look at what can’t go in a skip read our blog here.

Which size skip should I hire?

If you have never hired a skip before you can be forgiven for not knowing which skip size you need to hire. It can be complicated to judge the right size for your project, whether it’s a house clearance or a DIY project.

A good place to start would be our hire a skip size page. Here we detail which sizes are available, dimensions in cm’s (and feet if that’s what you prefer).

What is the smallest skip size?

skip hire sizes - WasteOnline

The smallest skip we offer is the 4 yard skip. It has a width of  163cm, height of 89cm and length of 253cm. This size of skip is usually used for small domestic DIY projects and garden clearances.

Usually the required skip size will be down to the amount of waste you have and how much space you have on your property. You don’t want to hire a skip that’s too small as then you may have to hire another or pay additional fees, however you don’t want to pay for empty space if you hire a skip that’s too big.

How much can you put in your skip?

There are weight restrictions in place when you hire a skip, however this is rarely an issue for domestic skip hire. This question applies more people hiring a skip for construction or commercial waste. People who are getting rid of heavy waste such as soil, bricks and rubble must ensure that they meet weight guidelines depending on which skip you hire.

If you are planning on hiring a skip, be sure to ask your advisor for the weight restrictions of the skip.

How much to hire a skip?

There are a few factors that can effect the price of a skip. The larger the skip the more expensive it will be. Your location could also effect the price you pay. Hiring a skip in the North of England will tend o be cheaper than it is in the South. This is due to disposal and operation costs. Another cost that you will need to take into consideration is whether or not you will need a skip permit. If the skip is to be placed on in a public road / public highway you will need a skip permit. If you need a Road Permit is needed, please include this in your quotation and the waste carrier will arrange this on your behalf through the local council. A charge of £70.00 Excluding VAT (£84 Including VAT) will be included within your quotation to cover the Road Permit. Please be aware time frames for length of permits vary between 1 day and 1 month. For a quick no obligation quote simply use the quote box on this page or visit our skip hire page, add your postcode, waste type and the skip size you want to get an up to date skip hire price. There’s no need to wait for an email. You’ll get the price there and then.

Are there skip hire safety rules?

Yes, there are skip hire safety rules you must adhere to if you are planning on hiring a skip. Be very cautious of skip hire companies that don’t warn you about safety rules if your skip is going to be put on a public highway or road. You could be fined up to £1000 if you don’t abide by the local council’s rules. Depending on your local council these rules could include covering the skip and also highlighting it’s location with lights, reflectors or cones. If you are putting the skip on private land, the rules don’t apply.

Do skip hire companies help load the skip?

No. Skip hire companies will note load skips. The pricing will only include the delivery and removal of your skip. Labour is not included in the price. If you know that you will need help loading your waste, you could consider hiring a man with a van which is a service we can also offer who will load your rubbish waste onto a van. This is where we would discuss the choice of a man and van service. Therefore, please be aware that if you are hiring a skip that you will have to load the rubbish or skip bags into the skip yourself unless you choose an alternative way.

How long can I hire a skip for?

Two weeks is usually the average for skip hire but you can hire a skip for longer or shorter time periods. With the WasteOnline platform you can request the delivery and collection date. If the collection date changes get in touch and we will be able to alter it for you. Just make sure you give us 4 days to make the arrangements for you.

What access requirements do I need for the skip hire delivery?

Most skips are delivered by HGV lorries and are a lot wider than most cars. You will need to make sure that there is a suitable amount of space for the vehicle to get the skip to the place you want it, in or outside your property. I good idea would be to measure the available space and then confirm that the skip size you have chosen will fit. You can use the hire a skip size page  to confirm dimensions or use the online chat feature to speak with an advisor.

What does level loaded mean?

When you hire a skip you may hear  the phrase ‘level loaded’.  It won’t be a term you have heard before so you’ll be wondering what it means. This term is used to describe the limit in a skip where your waste must not go above.  If you go above this this height, the skip hire company may refuse to collect it or even more embarrassing the skip hire  driver may request you remove the extra waste before they take the skip away. To avoid this, make sure you follow  the level load rule. The reason for this rule is that overloading skips are dangerous to transport as waste can fall out of the skip and damage property and people.

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Protect your driveway

A skip is basically a massive heavy metal box and although very useful for getting rid of waste, it can unfortunately damage certain driveways such as soft tarmac, block paving or resin. When  you have a driveway which could be damaged in the process, place down big planks of wood the skip can be rested on.

Protest your driveway with skip hirex

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