Five tips for decluttering your home

Posted on 19 August 2022



“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

Is your home feeling cluttered? The really organised people have already done their ‘spring clean’ but for the rest of us, this is the perfect time to have a declutter. During the summer holidays it’s easier to notice how much junk and unnecessary things are taking up space in your home. Is it time to hire a skip? Probably.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed but the most important step is to begin. Here are five tips to help you get to that point and to complete your decluttering.

Ask Tough Questions

We are all guilty of keeping things for too long and things that we no longer use. Ask your self hard questions to see whether or not items should be skipped or given away.

Three simple questions to start with are  “Do I love it? Do it need it? And do I use it?”

If these don’t help you make the decision, then consider these:

  • Have I used it in the last year?
  • Would I pack it if I moved home?
  • Does my family really want this or will they use if it is saved?

Separate & Organise

After you’ve  made your decision on what is staying and what is going, the next step is to figure out what is going where. Get organised and make some space in your home to separate your items.  The easiest way is to place items in different rooms or boxes signifying where they will be going. e.g A Charity box for donations and an area for recycling or gifting.  Lastly, start to collect items for waste.

Know Your Limits

It’s easy to say ‘I’m going to skip everything and start again’, especially if the whole decluttering  process seems overwhelming. It may seem like a great idea but you have to be strategic when decluttering else the mess you create will feel even less manageable than the clutter you are trying to get rid of. The best strategy is to start in one room, finish what needs to be done in there and move on to the next.

Storage Space

Now all the rooms are cleared and what needs to be skipped, gifted or recycled are sorted, how do we keep things tidy and organised? During your decluttering you’ll have probably noticed there is one (or a few) places in the home that have turned into a ‘dumping ground’ for odd ends that don’t seem to have a home. If your kitchen sides often end up piled high junk, how about getting  some storage draws or a trolley. This could create a designated space for paperwork, keys, kids toys and eliminate mess from accumulating in those messy spots.

Hire a Skip

You have sorted through everything and  your home is feeling light and tidy but have you opted for the ‘out of sight out of mind’ tactic and moved the clutter to the garage or the shed? Now is the time to order a skip or rubbish removal.

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