Absolut Vodka Tests Paper Bottle in Collaboration with Tesco

Posted on 18 July 2023


Absolut Vodka, a global spirits company, is taking a significant step towards sustainability with its latest initiative—a three-month test of its single-mould paper bottle. The bottle, made in partnership with Paboco (the Paper Bottle Company) will be exclusively available at Tesco, a leading British supermarket chain. This groundbreaking trial not only introduces paper-based bottles commercially but also reinforces Absolut’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and creating a fully bio-based bottle.

Pushing Boundaries for Sustainable Packaging

In collaboration with Paboco and other global brands, Absolut Vodka aims to revolutionize the drinks and packaging industries. By collectively exploring sustainable packaging solutions, they strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The initiative with Tesco represents the first time paper-based bottles will be sold in-store by a global spirits company, marking a major milestone in the industry’s journey towards sustainability.

A Step Towards Carbon Neutrality

Reducing carbon emissions is a key objective for Absolut Vodka, which plans to become a carbon-neutral product by 2030. To achieve this, addressing the carbon footprint of packaging is essential. The trial of the paper-based bottle at Tesco aims to gain valuable insights from consumers, retailers, and supply chain partners. This feedback will inform the next steps in Absolut’s innovation journey, helping them develop a commercially viable and fully bio-based bottle.

Testing the Paper-Based Bottle

During the trial, Absolut will evaluate how well the paper-based bottle performs during transportation and assess consumer perceptions. Unlike previous tests conducted at festivals in the UK and Sweden using Absolut Mixt ready-to-drink, this trial will utilize Absolut Vodka’s higher 40% ABV, mirroring the product’s standard strength.


The 500ml-sized single-mould paper bottles will be available in 22 Tesco stores across Greater Manchester throughout the summer. Priced at £16, these first-generation bottles consist of 57% paper with a recyclable plastic barrier for added durability. The choice of Manchester as the test launch location is strategic due to the city’s robust recycling facilities and high recycling rates. Customers can conveniently recycle the packaging as paper through regular household waste disposal.

Lightweight and Sustainable Packaging

While traditional glass bottles are recyclable, paper bottles offer several advantages. They are eight times lighter and more portable than glass, making them easier to carry. Absolut’s paper bottles maintain the brand’s signature apothecary-inspired design and aim to complement their iconic glass bottles rather than replace them. The company envisions consumers using the paper bottles primarily for out-of-home occasions, such as festivals.

A Vision of a Sustainable Future

Elin Furelid, Director of Future Packaging at Absolut, emphasizes that the paper bottle represents a significant step towards their vision of a fully bio-based bottle. By exploring packaging materials with unique qualities like paper, Absolut aims to provide a more tactile, beautiful, authentic, and lightweight alternative. This initiative goes beyond just an idea; it signifies Absolut’s commitment to involving consumers and partners in their journey towards a sustainable future. Bold partnerships with like-minded organizations are crucial as Absolut strives to achieve its net-zero goals.

Commitment to Collaboration

Charl Bassil, Global VP of Absolut, highlights the brand’s dedication to collaborations and partnerships in its pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions. Absolut remains committed to mixing things up by introducing recyclable, lighter paper-based bottles alongside their iconic glass bottles. This ground-breaking test brings Absolut Vodka one step closer to realizing this vision.

The Path to a Carbon-Neutral Future

Absolut Vodka has already made significant strides towards becoming a carbon-neutral product by 2030. With its distillery emitting 98% fewer emissions than the industry average, Absolut continues to prioritize sustainability. In a previous announcement, the company unveiled its partnership with Ardagh Glass Packaging to implement a partly hydrogen energy-fired glass furnace for large-scale bottle production. These initiatives demonstrate Absolut’s determination to lead the way in reducing environmental impact and embracing innovative solutions.

In conclusion, Absolut Vodka’s partnership with Tesco to test the single-mould paper bottle represents a significant milestone in sustainable packaging. By seeking consumer insights and collaborating with industry leaders, Absolut is driving the transformation towards a fully bio-based bottle. This trial aligns with Absolut’s commitment to becoming a carbon-neutral product by 2030 and reinforces their dedication to a more sustainable future. Through bold partnerships and innovative initiatives, Absolut Vodka continues to pave the way for change in the drinks and packaging industries.

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