Skip Bags
1 Tonne Skip Bag
Size & Dimensions:

90cmX90cmX90cm approx
Up to 1 Tonne.
That's the equivalent of 20 bags of cement

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6 Month Collection

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Skip Bags Delivery and Collection

Our skip bags offer a fantastic solution for containing various types of waste at a fixed price.  Designed to handle both bulky and light waste, providing you with unparalleled convenience. Whether you have large items or everyday household waste, our skip bags can accommodate it all. 

Order by 12pm: we aim for next working-day delivery but this can take upto 5 working days as it may be posted out to you. Your WasteOnline Skip Bag can arrive flat-packed. 

Key Points 

  • Skip bags are cheaper than skips but offer great space for waste removal. 
  • Quick, convenient alternative to a skip. 
  • Can handle various types of waste, including household, garden, and construction debris. 
  • Plasterboard-only skip bags are available. As plasterboard can’t be put into our mixed waste skips a plasterboard only bag is a great addition if you have some plasterboard to remove from your project. 

What cannot go in our Skip Bags?

Our bags are used for household, inert & garden waste. Listed below are a number of common waste streams that are not accepted in our bags.

  • Plasterboard (If you are disposing of plasterboard you can use our plasterboard-only waste bags option here.)
  • Gas Bottles & Cylinders
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Clinical Waste
  • Hazardous Waste (Paint Tins, Oils, Petrol, Diesel, Aerosols & Mastic Tubes)
  • Freezers, Large Fridges & Other Electrical Waste (Microwaves & Kettles)
  • Food or Food Contaminated Packaging
  • More than 1 Roll of Carpet
  1. Plasterboard

    (Only allowed in our Plasterboard-Only Skip Bags or Skip Hire Option) In 2009 a change to regulations dictating how we dispose of plasterboard was implemented, this means the disposal of gypsum which is the main raw material of plasterboard could no longer be mixed with biodegradable waste. Need to get rid of plasterboard? Check our plasterboard only removal service options. 

  2. Gas Bottles & Cylinders

    Although the components of gas bottles & cylinders are highly recyclable, the hazards associated with them prevent them from being able to be safely disposed of via our suppliers. This waste must be disposed of by a hazardous waste specialist.

  3. Asbestos

    Asbestos is classed as hazardous waste falling under The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Due to the risk associated to asbestos, it requires specialist handling and disposal. If you want to dispose of asbestos please seek guidance from a local specialist.

  4. Batteries

    The Waste Batteries & Accumulators Regulations 2009 was introduced for guidance around handling, treatment and disposal. Distributers (such as supermarkets) of small batteries are obligated under the regulation to also provide disposal for domestic in stores. The type and quantity of battery that you wish to dispose of will dictate the necessary handling and disposal process, please obtain further guidance.

  5. Clinical Waste

    Clinical waste is always deemed hazardous due to the nature of what it contains. Clinical waste includes any waste associated with human/animal health or waste from laboratories.

  6. Hazardous Waste (Paint Tins, Oils, Petrol, Diesel, Aerosols & Mastic Tubes)

    Waste that is considered hazardous under environmental legislation containing substances potentially harmful to health are also prohibited from your skip. There is a variety of options available locally depending on the type of wastes you wish to dispose of.

  7. Freezers, Large Fridges & Other Electrical Waste (Microwaves & Kettles)

    The WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) was set up to better manage electrical waste within the waste industry. Should your waste item/s have a crossed out wheelie bin symbol, or in simple terms requires electricity to operate, please take to your household recycling centre and if you’re a business or other user (such as a school or hospital), please contact a specialist disposal company in the area.

  8. Food or Food Contaminated Packaging

    Food waste requires separate collection & treatment to prevent it from contaminating other, recyclable wastes. For this reason, we are unable to collect food or food contaminated packaging.

  9. More than 1 Roll of Carpet

    Most suppliers will accept 1x roll/room of carpet. If there are additional quantities of this waste type we must check with the supplier before booking. Additional charges may apply.

  10. Soft Furnishings

Most suppliers will accept soft furnishings however due to a change in legislation in 2023 on how upholstered seating can be disposed of the following items may not always be accepted in our mixed waste skips: sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, kitchen and dining room chairs, stools and foot stools, home office chairs, futons, bean bags, floor and sofa cushions. Please let us know upon ordering to see if we can accommodate the removal of these items.