When and how to hire a skip? 

Posted on 13 May 2022

Whether you are starting a new DIY project, own a small business or just want to get rid of some bulky waste, it’s easy to get confused as to whether you need a skip or not. This article will help you on the first step of your skip hire.

Remove or reduce waste?

The first thing to check, is can the waste be removed or reduced? (Check out our article on how to reduce waste and save money). There may be alternative ways like donation, to get rid of some bulky items. This will affect the overall amount of waste you will need to get rid of and may mean you do not need a skip.There are organisations such as Reuse-Network that you can donate your unwanted items to which will help two fold.

  • Diminishing the amount of waste you need to get rid of
  • Supplying charities with necessary items that allow them to assist their local communities

Organisations like these supply local communities with beds, cookers, sofa and other household goods that you may want to discard.

How much waste do you have?

Check the amount of waste you have. A small skip (4-Yard) can hold around 30 – 40 bin bags of rubbish. If your waste is significantly less than that, a rubbish collection may be a better and cheaper option. You can check the various sizes and dimensions of skips we supply here on our skip sizes page.

Once you have decided the size of the skip you need, you will also need to confirm the waste type that you will be getting rid of. It can often be cheaper to have waste specific skip (e.g., green waste skip) rather than a mixed recycling skip.

Once you have confirmed your waste type and know the amount of waste it will be easier to calculate the skip you need.

Do I need a road permit for my skip?

Finally, check your access to the property. Can the skip lorry access the area you want the skip to be placed?
Will the skip be on your property or will you need a road permit? If you do require a road permit, don’t worry. Simply let us know when you are completing your initial request and we will sort the rest. Permits typically last around one to two weeks and it should be noted that if you do NOT have a permit, your skip can be removed without notice and you can face a fine of up to £1000, so make sure you let us know.

Once you know the answer to these questions, simply go to our homepage put in your postcode, waste type, and date you would like to have the skip delivered. You will then receive an instant quote for the skip hire.

After that, simply fill the skip with your waste and we will handle the rest.

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