Plasterboard & How to Ditch It Right

Posted on 25 August 2023

What’s the Law Say About Tossing Plasterboard?

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Back in ’09, the Environmental Agency laid down the law: no more chucking gypsum-based stuff like plasterboard into landfills. This rule’s got your name on it whether you’re a DIY weekend warrior or running a full-blown construction gig.

Plasterboard Rules for Homeowners

So, you’ve got some plasterboard to get rid of? The law says you’ve got to keep it separate from your other trash before you hit up your local dump. Or better yet, let a pro like WasteOnline handle it for you (keep reading to find out why we’re your go-to for plasterboard recycling).

Introducing Plasterboard-Only Skips from WasteOnline

Hey, guess what? We’ve just rolled out a brand-new service that’s gonna make your life a whole lot easier: plasterboard-only skips. Why should you care? Well, these skips are a game-changer for anyone dealing with a ton of plasterboard waste. No more sorting, no more hassle—just toss it in the skip and we’ll take care of the rest. Plus, it’s a win-win for the planet, too. So, next time you’ve got a big project, think plasterboard-only skips from WasteOnline. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Plasterboard Disposal for Businesses

If your business is churning out loads of plasterboard waste, listen up. You’ve got a responsibility to keep that stuff separate and dispose of it the right way. Slip up, and you could be looking at some hefty fines.

Your options? Find a local plasterboard recycling center or let a licensed waste carrier like WasteOnline take it off your hands.

Our plasterboard skip service is quick, affordable, and super efficient.


Skip Bags: The Plasterboard Solution

Wondering if you can toss plasterboard into a WasteOnline skip bag? You’re not alone. The answer is yes, but keep it clean and separate from other waste. When plasterboard mixes with other stuff, it turns into a powder that’s a nightmare to separate later.

We can take all sorts of gypsum-based products off your hands:
– Plasterboard and gypsum fiberboard
– Cove
– Ceiling tiles made of gypsum
– Glasroc
– Artex decorative plaster moldings

With us, you can be sure that 100% of your plasterboard will be disposed in the most ethical way and keeping the Environmental Agency happy.

Plasterboard FAQs

Is Plasterboard Hazardous?
Nope, but you can’t just toss it anywhere. It’s banned from regular landfills in the UK because it can produce toxic gases when mixed with other waste.

How Do I Get Rid of Extra Plasterboard?
Many local dumps will take it, but check the rules first. You’ve got to keep it separate from your other trash.

Can I Burn Plasterboard?
Absolutely not. Burning it releases harmful particles into the air.

Can I Put Plasterboard in a Skip?
No way. It’s banned from skips because it can produce toxic gases when mixed with other waste.

What About Old Plasterboard?
We can actually recycle it into new plasterboard or use the gypsum in compost. Just keep it dry and clean.

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