Is skip hire eco friendly?

Posted on 4 August 2022

A lot of people believe that skip hire is simply about moving big volumes of waste to landfill sites. This is not the case.

Is Skip Hire Eco Friendly

Recycle, Reuse. Not landfill

Companies offering skip hire services have a responsibility to make every effort to ethically dispose of all products that they acquire. This means sorting general waste from recyclables, making sure that it is all disposed of effectively and in an eco friendly way. Skip hire companies often have a sorting site or are partnered with or be partnered with one to remove any items that can be recycled. This ensures that there is less chance of recyclable materials sent to landfill sites. It should be noted that waste can be reused in many different ways, from using it to create biomass fuels to road maintenance supplies, so using a service that separates waste and sends it to the right place


Select the right skip hire service

As with any industry there are companies that follow best practice and others that do not. It’s important to research the skip hire company you are planning to use to ensure they will treat your waste in the most  sustainable way possible. Some waste collection companies use fly tipping as a method for getting rid of customers waste. If your waste is found in an illegal tip you could receive a hefty fine, so be vigilant as your initial saving of using a cheap service could end up costing you in the future. For more information on  fly tipping


Travel matters

You may be considering to take your waste to a local skip / recycling center and this is actually a great idea.  But there are some factors you need to  take into consideration. The main factor being the amount of journeys and travel needed to dispose of your waste at these locations. Driving back and forth between your home and a recycling center could potentially make a small saving. If you are considering sustainability you may want to hire a skip to hire a skip. It will only need to take one trip between your home and a local refuse centre, saving you time, effort and being a more sustainable option.


Rubbish Collection Service

Not everything can be thrown into a skip!  There are certain materials that many skip hire companies won’t accept. These include chemicals, solvents, tyres, paint, asbestos, batteries and WEEE Waste. These types of waste require special processes to dispose of them properly which is often time consuming and expensive for skip hire companies. Read this blog to find out why certain waste types are not allowed in a skip. 

If you do need to get rid of items such as these, check out our rubbish collection service


In conclusion , skip hire is an extremely sustainable way of dealing with waste. A good skip hire service will cut down on pollution and  unnecessary landfill tipping.  It also encourages recycling since your waste will be sorted and dealt with in a way that is environmentally friendly.

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