Aldi Takes a Green Leap: Bidding Adieu to Single-Use Cutlery

Posted on 4 September 2023

In a bold move towards sustainable practices, Aldi has recently announced a significant change in its Food to Go range. The supermarket giant will be discontinuing the use of single-use cutlery in a bid to promote the adoption of reusable alternatives.

This decision is expected to have a notable impact. Aldi estimates a reduction of approximately 10.5 million wooden forks commonly found in their salads and pasta bowls. Translating into roughly 28 tonnes, this move underscores the company’s commitment to reducing single-use plastics.

Luke Emery, Aldi’s plastics and packaging director, emphasized the company’s ongoing efforts in environmental responsibility. He stated, “At Aldi, we are continually exploring avenues to enhance our eco-friendliness. This initiative signifies a substantial reduction in single-use materials, offering customers a chance to make more sustainable choices.”

Aldi’s Food to Go range, tailored primarily for busy customers seeking convenient lunch options, often included wooden cutlery. While many supermarkets designated a separate area for this, Aldi’s approach is all-encompassing – completely eliminating single-use cutlery.

This development follows Aldi’s recent trial introduction of vacuum-packed meat across stores in the Midlands. The shift is projected to reduce plastic usage by up to 73% and simultaneously extend the freshness of the meat, thereby curbing food waste. Aldi’s step is in contrast to criticisms faced by competitor Lidl for a similar initiative, where some patrons noted concerns about the quality of the meat due to altered packaging.

In response to the trial, Aldi clarified that their objective extends beyond plastic reduction. The trial intends to gauge consumer preferences in packaging, aligning with their commitment to provide customer-centric solutions.

Aldi’s initiatives underscore its evolving commitment to environmentally conscious practices and customer-driven innovation. These strategic moves reflect the company’s determination to align its operations with the changing tides of sustainable consumerism.

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