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What Happens After We Collect Your Waste?

Ever wondered what happens after we collect your waste? We have broken down the process for you. 


Collection and Separation – Firstly, your waste will be collected and transported to a waste management facility. Depending on the type of waste it will then be sorted into different categories, so that the waste can be processed properly. 


Recycling – The next step after segregating the waste is recycling all the waste that can be. This will then be processed by a recycling facility and used to make new products (everything from water bottles to car seats). As we aim for a recycle rate of 94%+ this will account for the vast majority of the waste we collect. 


Recover – For any waste that cannot be recycled the next step is recovery. In this stage the waste can be used to generate energy (through an incineration process), anaerobic digestion (The breaking down of materials using bacteria or gasification which produces steam for power generation. 


Landfill – Finally if there is any waste left over from this process it will be sent to a landfill. This will be a very small proportion of waste and will always be avoided when possible, to minimise the effect on the environment.